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Danica Swanson
Farcaster doesn’t yet have truly slowcore-friendly places for deep-dive leisurely discussions. Ideally we'd have places to gather where we’re not algorithmically or socially penalized for our slowness. That’s just table stakes, though. We also need places that *facilitate* and even *celebrate* slow culture.
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☺️🫶🏻 happy to help anytime. I may write more on this soon.
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_slow_crypto 🌅⏳🪁
We've made an admirable start. As for celebrating, the channel says REWARD here. It's time for that @danicaswanson. Preferred wallet?
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BrightFutureGuy 🎩🔮↑
Interesting idea on the client 🧐 wondering if I would like it 😇
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