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🎩🐈[ /catwalk ]🐾✌🏼
Fyi, I opted out from the new streak feature. Farcaster is superior to web2 social but it's still high hacking dopamine circuits and I will (unless I deliberately takinfg a break) probably be on here on a daily basis but don't need additional reinforcement. If anything I'd like less socials. My ideal feed would endorse me to partake in offline activities. So closing remarks: anyone could figure out a tippin' system that comes with a multiplier based on POAPs or something, that be neat. Also, fuck yeah +320 character freedom is awesome. Anyway thx for attending my TeD talk, you may continue scrolling now.
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Onedayvk🎩 🐹
It’s inauthentic and will bring bots, it’s a nice way to collect data but I don’t want to stress about it. With that say the way I was considering on using it was pick a chanel or topic that I know nothing about!
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