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For folks out there that have done InsideTracker or similar blood/biomarker tracking, how often do you do it and how useful has it been?
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I did in may! I want to do it annually. overall I liked it and found it reassuring I was on the right track for the most part. I was an early customer so I got a free telehealth visit that I enjoyed. as for the drawbacks they tested for alz genetic predisposition and I rly did not want to know cont….
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John Gazzini
I have co-workers that have done it & made some lifestyle changes based on the results. Shameless plug -- you can use your HSA / FSA with InsideTracker + Truemed.
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i've done Inside Tracker 2x (latest - back in June), for me - it identified some biomarkers i wouldn't have known I was struggling with (e.g. ferretin, magnesium, cortisol, etc 🤣) & then within one month i was injured so... my take is.. it's as useful as you want it to be! 🤦‍♀️
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