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Li Jin
This Friday at 3pm ET, I’m hosting an AMA with @eugene in this channel! He’s an incisive student of tech, authoring classics like Status as a Service and Seeing like an Algorithm. Ask him about social networks, consumer product, and insights from his years as a product exec at Oculus, Hulu, and Flipboard!
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GM @eugene wanna ask: 1. Where does warpcast currently fall under your 3 axis: social capital, entertainment and utility. And where do you see it might trend towards? 2. How do you see farcaster might help bridge the gap in any of the 3 pairs: Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.
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Eugene Wei
Warpcast has strong hold in the crypto world, that's a solid base of social capital. It has the entertainment value inherent to micro-blogging. But, and here I'm generalizing to Farcaster, the most interesting thing is experiments in utility, the most stable long-term foundation.
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