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degen may have been a blessing as much as a curse
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I hear you. But also, at times I question who we give platforms to because yeah I guess I do my fair share of shit posting but had I seen that 3 months ago I would’ve just sent that ENS 10K degen for the hell of it. Tbh I’ve probably given away more than I have at this point 🀣
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farmers need not apply.
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Started going on X the read the FC β€œfeedback” (using quotations bc a lot of it isn’t helpful) and caught this too. Obvious trend of β€œhard to onboard” and bad FTEs. Makes me wonder what people see in their feed when they first join and what channels are being suggested. Up to the mods to change the narrative.
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Lauren McDonagh-Pereira 🎩🎭
He's late. NGMI
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It wasn't like that little too long ago.
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