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Alok Vasudev
New types of startups also create new ways to measure said startups. For example: - Consumer internet: MAU/WAU/DAU, Engagement, Retention, CAC, LTV, K-factor, ... - SaaS: NRR, Magic Number, Sales Efficiency, ... Do we have any "new math" for crypto startups?
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Dan Romero
TVL, % staked More meta, but public dashboards on Dune being a norm
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Justin the Broski
Huge fan of Standard Crypto and yourself. Here are my 2 cents: 1. User stickiness: (daily active wallet add / monthly active wallet add) * 100 since a lot projects have been hacking the hype via airdrop 2. No. of variants ("copycats") of the market leader Thanks for this cast! 20 $degen
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Diogo Mónica
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