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Sorry to those who think paying people to help with Public Service Announcements or sending people links to or videos about human needs is poor behavior. It is the exact opposite. I WILL NOT do it any less. I wish I could do it more. Large corporations spend ONE THIRD of their budget on pushing their logo and products in our sights. If we want more public goods we need to spend one third of our effort and resources in promoting them. If not their importance and existence will be drowned out by market advertisement.
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While I agree with you and don’t mind your engagement farming at all, I will say you could be a bit more imaginative with HOW you engagement farm as well. Bc rn it seems like following the trends of what works for other big spam bait/farm accounts. Which isn’t a terrible strategy but who wants to equate what you’re promoting with spam? So I can see why some ppl might be aggravated with you for that reason. Don’t have the imaginative promo solutions for you off the top of my head but maybe Jokeraces or Questchains could be more fun, engaging and not feel spammy if bots can’t complete the tasks. Otherwise I fear your efforts are being used in vain to echo amongst a void of unfeeling and being bots… 🤖
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