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Something I noticed visiting a few companies w/ more than 250+ ppl: - Meetings with a lot of people (more than 10 but not an all hands) - Why do they all need to be here? - Why do many of them look so uncomfortable / don't want to be here? - How does this end up happening? - Wtf?
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You just hit upon one of my pet peeves. That being, this trend to keep adding on without knowing why, and usually without any system to effectively manage it. The more people you add to meetings, the more likely an organization is to embody the Ringleman effect
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ref:cc: @yeoro.eth ↑ "Ringelmann effect" from Adam. Adjacent idea to what Brook's surfaced in "Mythical Man Month" but observed at an even grosser/concrete level: "pulling on a rope" as opposed to the "communication overhead" as group size scales up.
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