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Small Brain
Why does every country have different outlets is it because the electricity speaks different languages
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real talk on a whim i went to portugal 2 years ago and got to the airbnb and my phone was on 10% and I didn't bring the outlet adapter w/ me and had approx an hour to find a general store nearby that sold it, while not knowing Portuguese, or else I would've been royally fcked
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six — q/dau ↑
some outlets don’t have the right immigration paperwork
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North America uses 120v AC and most of Europe uses 220v DC. Something to do with Bell and Tesla, IIRC. It’s actually super interesting. Don’t get zapped by 220 tho
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i hate changing the rpc’s on my power cords
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Riddum 🎩🆓
Just because some don't wanna change or update while others keep adopting new and efficient methods
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100 $degen not a bad thought tbh
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